Asti DOCG wines of Piemonte

ASTI DOCG – the Sparkling White Wine that Personifies Piemonte, Italy

ASTI DOCG is a light, easy drinking sparkling white wine made from the Muscat varietal in the Piemonte region of northwestern Italy.

Not to be confused with Moscato d’ASTI DOCG, ASTI DOCG is less sweet, more sparkling, and slightly higher in alcohol content.

Official symbol of ASTI DOCG Consorzio (regulatory body)

All ASTI DOCG wines are made using a method similar to the Charmat method as with Prosecco.

The grapes are destemmed and crushed and then sent to a stainless-steel tank to ferment, however the CO2 produced as a byproduct of fermentation is not allowed to escape the tank, and it dissolves into the wine, thus creating the beloved bubbles.

Italian sparkling wine, ASTI DOCG
Idyllic Piemonte – birthplace of ASTI DOCG

After the wine reaches 8-10% ABV, the fermentation is stopped by filtering out the yeast (leaving a slight sweetness behind), at which point the wine is bottled.

The ASTI Consorzio has been responsible for upholding the good name of ASTI wines since 1932, long before the DOCG designation was developed.


ASTI DOCG - countryside
Piemonte countryside

They have been responsible for a huge increase in production and distribution, from roughly 2 million bottles sold per year in the 1940’s to more than 80 million sold per year now.

A few of my favorite producers of ASTI DOCG include:


The Cinzano family has been producing ASTI since the mid-1800’s, although their roots in the region go even further back to a candy shop in Torino in 1757.

They were given an appointment to be the suppliers of ASTI, and later Vermouth, to the Royal Courts in Torino. After this success they did not rest on their laurels; they built on their business and became pioneers in advertising, collaborating with artists and actors for many years to create some of the most iconic ads of our time.

They are still producing ASTI DOCG today, continuing to delight wine drinkers worldwide with their fresh and delicious sparklers.



Carlos Gancia was born in Italy in 1829 but moved to Reims, in Champagne in 1848, where he learned the intricate details behind making Champagne.

He later moved back to Italy and started his own winery, now called Gancia, where he became the originator of the Italian Metodo Classico, and in 1865 created a wine called Spumante Italiano using Muscat grapes.

Thus he is considered the grandfather of Asti DOCG wines, and his wines today take great care to continue his legacy; fresh and vibrant, they are excellent examples of what Asti DOCG can be.



Tosti is a 7th generation family owned business making Asti wines since 1820. They have cultivated long lasting relationships with passionate suppliers, 500 families across the region who watch over 650 hectares of land, with an average of only one hectare per supplier.

This close relationship gives them access to the crème de la crème of the Canelli region’s Muscat, allowing them to craft beautiful, terroir driven Asti DOCG wines.


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