Sicilian White Wine – Alcamo DOC – 3 Sicilian Producers to Visit in 2020

Boats of Siciy - Trapani harbor

The Alcamo DOC Sicilian white wine is produced in the regions of Trapani and Palermo, on the northwest of the island.

While there a range of Alcamo DOC wines (below), I prefer the Alcamo DOC Bianco (white) and Alcamo DOC Rosso (red). In particular, Alcamo DOC Bianco is an excellent counterpoint to the northern Italian white wines, ASTI DOCG and Gavi DOCG, which are both from Piemonte in northwestern Italy.

Boats of Siciy - Trapani harbor
Enjoy a glass of Alcamo DOC white wine in Trapani – in northwestern Sicily

Alcamo DOC Bianco is pale straw-yellow color with greenish tones, intense aromas of peach, pineapple, apple, and has a dry finish. When you are shopping for your next bottle of Alcamo DOC, wine labels often include the word Classico.

Strade del Vino Alcamo DOC
Strade del Vino Alcamo DOC – one of several Sicilian wine governing bodies

Alcamo DOC, Sicilian white wine varieties

  • Alcamo DOC Rosso – ruby-red, with notes of balsamic, cassis, sweet spices and graphite minerality; it is tannic, sapid and mineral on the palate, with a fruity finish.
  • Alcamo DOC Rosé – pink in color; it displays fruity scents on the nose, with delicate notes of forest fruits; it is dry and fresh on the palate, with light mineral fragrances and low tannin.
  • Alcamo DOC White Spumante – straw-yellow with green tones, harmonious hints of fruit, white flowers, citrus notes, while being dry, citrusy, and balanced on the palate.
  • Alcamo DOC Spumante Rosé – pink color with notes of raspberry and currants; dry to semi-dry; intense, with a fruity aftertaste.
  • Alcamo DOC Bianco Vendemmia Tardiva – straw to golden yellow; persistent fragrance of apricots and citrus with an aromatic aftertaste.
  • Alcamo DOC Novello – ruby-red with violet hues; fruity, dry, mellow, harmonious and balanced on the palate.

Alcamo DOC Bianco is a fruity white wine with hints of peach, pineapple, apple and hawthorn.  Another variety of Alcamo is Rosso which includes a ruby red light wine with hints of balsamic and sweet spices.

This Sicilian white wine is the most popular white wine in the region. Since its registration as a DOC in 1972, Alcamo DOC has been lovingly referred to as bottle poetry. Click To Tweet

Be sure to enjoy your bottle of poetry as Sicilians do – with fresh fish or pasta.

I recommend an appetizer – antipasto rustico siciliano – followed by busiati al pesto trapanese.  Busiati are a corkscrew shaped pasta quite similar to fusilli, while Trapanese pesto is a fragrant sauce of fresh ground, basil, almonds, pecorino cheese, and finely diced tomatoes.

Palermo Panorama
Panorama of Palermo, in northwestern Sicily

Sicilian white wine producers, of Alcamo DOC

A few of my favorite Alcamo DOC wine producers include:


Cantina San Antonio

Cantina Sociale San Antonio Societa’ Cooperativa Agricola can be found in the heart of northwestern Sicily.

It has passionately been creating wine since 1970, and beautifully balances modern winemaking techniques with tradition techniques.

Their grapes are carefully grown on the surrounding hills, and they grow both native and international grapes. The vineyard is a must see as it is highly regarded.

Cantina San Antonio
C/da Bosco Falconeria, S.S. 113 Km 320,400 – Alcamo / Partinico, Italy


Tenuta Rapitala

For 30 years, the Tenuta Rapitala has been cultivating variety of the Alcamo wines. The estate totals 225 hectares and is situated in an area that has been developing wines since the ancient times.

The golden hills of Tenuta Rapitala are the ideal spot to sip on Alcamo DOC wine and enjoy the scenery. #AlcamoDOC #TenutaRapitala Click To Tweet

Oak barrels are used in temperature controlled rooms which create wines with divine personalities.

The Palermitan family have run the vineyard with a passionate and adventurous spirit which create a unique blend to be experienced.

Tenuta Rapitala
Contrada Rapitalà, 90043 – Camporeale (PA), Italy



This unique estate – Azienda Agricola Spadafora – harvests exclusive grapes which are cultivated.

Their process is so personal they hand pick their Sicilian white wine grapes early, typically starting a 6am. The grapes themselves are grow naturally, in accordance with a strict organic production method.

The family, Spadafora, is of noble origins dating all the way back to 1230. #AlcamoDOC #Spadafora #Sicilia #winetour Click To Tweet

Francesco and Claudia Spadafora have been running the vineyard since 1993 after falling in love with the creation of wine. Their first vintage was named after Francesco’s father – Don Pietro.

The vineyard is one to see in order to experience a bottle of wine created with a true love for the process.

Contrada Virzi’, Alcamo, TP 91011, Italy


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