Inside A Tuscan Garden – Il Borgo di Odina

a tuscan garden at Odina Agriturismo

The Tuscan garden found on the agriturismo, Il Borgo di Odina, will elevate your state of mind in no time.

It is located in Loro Ciuffenna, a town within the Tuscan region of Arezzo that overflows with cultural heritage.

Let’s set the scene – imagine strolling leisurely through an herb garden teeming with life.  The herbs – almost a hundred varieties in all – exude sweet aromas that fill the air and change with every step that you take.

Odina aerial view
Odina aerial view

Feel free to pluck some leaves to pique your edible curiosity. Perhaps the basilico can be garnished over a wood-fired pizza later that evening? Lavanda never looked so good as when infused in cakes or risotto.

Or homemade gelato for that matter… Perfect to cool off by the pool, under the Tuscan sun.

These are just some of the scenes unfolding at the Tuscan garden that is Odina.


Odina’s original structure dates back to around 700 A.C., and was more recently restored twenty years ago with the idea of building an eco-friendly holiday center.

Only local materials were used in Odina's construction, utilizing the world-renowned Italian architectural principles and masonry techniques. Click To Tweet

This fundamental respect for the land is best exemplified by Teresa, the property’s manager.

Our guests should expect an experience that is totally in tune with nature. There is no television, and we think our guests can really appreciate nature.

– Teresa

Teresa - Odina's manager
Teresa – Odina’s manager


Odina boasts five accommodations for various groups or solo travelers.

  • Vigneto can comfortably fit five travelers in its 110 m² area.
Vigneto is the largest apartment and comes with a view of the valley
An elegant separate villa surrounded by a exclusive 600m² garden with fragrant flowers.
  • Edera can comfortably fit two travelers in its 35 m² area.
Romantic apartment for two with a lovely private terrace.
  • Glicine can comfortably fit five travelers in its 85 m² area.
Ideal for families or two couples in the confines of the main farmhouse with panoramic views.
  • Margherita can comfortably fit five travelers in its 75 m² area.
Perfect for a couple or small family

Weddings or other special events are also possible. The property can accommodate up to 30 guests a night between the villa and apartments and up to 70 people on the day of the event.

As you prepare for your trip, immerse yourself in several typical regional dishes – ribollita and bistecca alla fiorentina.

Vegetarian options are plentiful as is so often the case in Italy. Take for instance a classic cucina povera dish, and personal favorite of Teresa – ribollita.

Meaning reboiled in English, Ribollita is made with stale bread, cavolo nero (black kale), and zolfini beans that are easily digestible. Giallo Zafferano's recipe is divine: Click To Tweet

Bistecca alla fiorentina is a thick-cut Italian style porterhouse steak cooked on a grill or by coal embers.  In Tuscan they prefer it rare, seasoned simply with local extra virgin olive oil, Maldon salt, and cracked pepper.

Regardless of the house that you stay in, guest activities are just as varied as the food – from sport to leisurely activities.

A range of trekking trails in the surrounding forests can be foraged for seasonal specialty foods like chestnuts, and mushrooms.  For truffle enthusiasts, Odina can arrange for a truffle expedition alongside a licensed truffle hunter that is a close friend of the property.

Moreover, consider that the surrounding area has contributed more to western civilization than any other.

As you overlook the rolling hills from Odina’s tuscan garden vista, keep in mind the immense cultural heritage that spread out from the valleys.  This area is a cultural epicenter and the birthplace of Michelangelo, Petrarch, Dante Alighieri, and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Consider that Odina serves as a natural balcony into history. In fact, its vistas are remarkably reminiscent of the Mona Lisa background.

Peer off to the west and you can see a small natural canyon called Balze of Valdarno. Off to the southeast, the Ponte Buriano bridge spans the river Arno - eerily similar to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa background. Click To Tweet

For it is Arezzo’s ambiance that unlocks one’s inner creativity. Odina Agriturismo in particular is the perfect place to reconnect with nature, family, friends, and oneself.




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