Orvietano Rosso DOC – Head Off for Orvieto for this Opulent Red Wine

The Orvietano Rosso DOC red wine is produced in Umbria, and takes its name from the hilltop town of Orvieto.

Orvietano Rosso DOC
Umbrian town of Orvieto – namesake of Orvietano Rosso DOC

Orvietano Rosso DOC Characteristics

There are no minimum aging requirement for its production, although its vineyard where it is produced may not be elevated more than 600 meters in accordance with the regulations established by Consorzio Vino Orvieto.  It received it’s DOC status in 1998.

Throughout the course of history, the region was known for its sweet wine from the middle ages to the 20th century.

Orvietano Rosso DOC
Consorzio Vino Orvieto – governing body of Orvietano Rosso DOC

Orvietano Rosso DOC is known to have robust, ruby-red – almost purple – color and strong fruity flavors on the palate, not unlike the reds of Apulia (in the southern Italy) or of Piemonte (in northwestern Italy).

Orvietano Rosso DOC
The church, Chiesa di San Giovenale, in Orvieto, Umbria, Italy, constructed in 1004

If you are planning a trip to central Italy, then I highly recommend that you visit the following vineyards.

Orvietano Rosso DOC producers


Rising gently among the green hills of Umbria near the gentle ripples of Lake Corbara lies Barberani.

Their estate dedicates 55 of their 100 hectares to vineyards, which started back in 1961 by Luigi and Giovanna Barberani.

Barberani prides itself in being environmentally friendly – not following aimlessly with large scale industry standardization – instead letting their unique landscape and terroir speak for itself.

Località Cerreto, 05023 Baschi (Terni – TR), Italy

Orvietano Rosso DOC
Palazzo del Popolo in Orvieto

Sergio Mottura

Follow the porcupines – the distinctive emblem of Sergio Mottura – straight to the doors of this standout vineyard.  This prickly, shy creature was chosen as their logo as its only found on healthy, unpolluted land, like the Mottura estate.

In the 1960’s, winemaker, Sergio Mottura, moved here to take over the Mottura estate. Ever since, Sergio has emphasized the region’s historical tradition of viticulture.  Fast forward several generations and he has continually garnered recognition as a master winemaker.

For instance, in 2013 Mottura was awarded ‘Winemaker of the Year’ by Gambero Rosso, Italy’s most acclaimed wine guide.

Sergio Mottura
Località Poggio della Costa 1, 01020 Civitella D’Agliano (Viterbo – VT), Italy


Tenuta Le Velette

Tenuta Le Velette is a historical vineyard that treasures the regions’s 3000 year history of winemaking.  It has preserved as many of the ancient structures that they could, and even uses some of the cellars from the ancient times.

In 1877, Orvieto sold the Tenuta Le Velette to the Felici brothers and the estate has been run by the family since.  It has been transformed into a vibrant summer residence and today they would love for you to come and visit their ancient grounds.

They can arrange personalized tasting on request as well as the various tours they host.

Tenuta Le Velette
Località Le Velette, 05018 Orvieto, (Terni – TR) Umbria, Italy



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